Tony is a kind and honest person, who is there for all those he cares about. He is bright and very insightful, he comes up with some very impressive ideas. His faith never waivers and carries on strong with the lord in everything he does.


Vanessa is a lovely person who cares about others. She is very good with babies (might come in handy sometime) and loves children. She is very kind and thoughtful of others. She loves the lord and is devoted to him which is a blessing.

The love story



First time we met was at a young adults evening, where everyone was saying where’s Tony his car is here. It was after a few moments when I realized they were talking about my car, next thing I know a young man pulls up, parks behind me and has the exact same car! It was then that we first met each other. We met from time to time at church, young adults events and a couple of Tony’s movie nights before he went to Wellington. We became good friends when Tony came back from Wellington and Vanessa came back from Blenheim


We went for a walk along the beach where Tony had spent time with his family on their last Australia trip. Photographs were taken in special places and then Vanessa turned around to Tony saying her name and found him down on one knee with an engagement ring in his hand, asking her to marry him. She excitedly answered yes!